ACM Biolabs provides customized products and expertise for companies seeking to expand their diagnostic, therapeutics and vaccine discovery against novel membrane protein targets. Our proprietary Artificial Cell Membrane (ACM) technology yields native and functional membrane proteins embedded in a stable membrane-like polymer matrix. We specialize in membrane proteins that are difficult to obtain using traditional methods. Partnering with us enables our customers to rapidly gain access and build discovery programs around such intractable drug targets...
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The artificial cell membrane (ACM) is a proprietary technology which is used to provide high-quality functional membrane proteins (drug targets, for example) in a native-like environment using engineered polymer membranes, without the use of cells.
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In addition to partnering with our clients in key areas of drug discovery, ACM Biolabs also provides high-quality products per request for interested customers. Please let us know your needs via the Contact page, and our scientists will get back to you with more details.

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